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Members Only!


I, first and foremost, want to thank everyone for watching and commenting on my posts! It really has helped me continue to practice and get better at this hobby of mine. Without all of you, I would not have the confidence to keep trying. 

I always have thought of my icon posts like a grab bag of goodies. Worth more than the price, exciting to receive and happy to use.

All my icons are free, as they should be. I just want my little bag of goodies to show up on your friends page so you can see and browse, giving me a chance to impress you all.

With that, I have decided to make my little bag of goodies exclusively for members. I want to believe in my talent as others do. I hope you can understand my decision. 

Of course, for a good look at the bag of goodies you can subscribe to, my posts will be open for a week before they are locked. Here are some icons from the past that are already locked, icons that I'm proud of:


I hope that you can join me on my journey to become a great graphic artist, like many of those that already are on this site and many others.

Again, thank you! 

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